See well and look great!

We have a great selection of stylish frames, glare-free lenses, and blue light filtering coatings.  We can help you see your best and look great!

Convenience Redefined

Get your annual eye exam and eyewear in the convenience of your workplace!

Are you a contact lens wearer?

We can renew your contact lens prescription and help you order new lenses!  Please bring your current contact lens prescription (or boxes) to your exam.

Don't forget the sun protection!

We all know that sun exposure increases the risk of developing skin cancer.  But did you know that UV light from the sun also increases the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye?  The best way to protect your eyes again UV exposure is by wearing high-quality sunglasses when you're outdoors.  On-Site Eye Care offers prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and Transitions lenses.

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